Governor Awards Student Ksh 400K Bursary

Governor Awards Student Ksh 400K Bursary

Governor Awards Student Ksh 400K Bursary

Mandera County allegedly gave a student a Ksh400,000 bursary to study at a  foreign university, which infuriated some Kenyans. According to comments making the rounds on the internet, the governor sent the  money to the student, who attends the private Kampala University in neighboring  Uganda.

Kenyans questioned the county government’s decision to provide one student  such large sums of money while excluding others. In our society, nepotism at this degree is unacceptable. We need to hold these officials accountable, one said.

Some conjectured that the pupil might be a governor’s relative. Kenyans said this was a reflection of how certain politicians were misusing county finances simply to enrich themselves and their families.

Kenyans that the governor and other public officials who are fostering nepotism  be removed from office after the disclosure. Kenyans expressed dissatisfaction about these governors, claiming they  embezzle money intended for development initiatives for their own benefit. “Since when did bursaries start catering for private institutions or those outside  the country,” a different individual asked. Others countered that it was appropriate to give the student the bursary if he met  the requirements.

They also mentioned how some well-known politicians have given their relatives government positions and  opportunities for which they were not eligible. The divided entities’ poor development has been attributed to corruption.

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