Breakdown of Teacher Promotion Interviews

Breakdown of Teacher Promotion Interviews

Breakdown of Teacher Promotion Interviews

In order to fill the 36,053 positions that were posted in August, the Teachers  Service Commission (TSC) is finalizing the arrangements for the teacher  promotion interview process. Three stages will comprise the conduct of these interviews:

Phase I (December 4 to 15, 2023)

This stage, which is for primary school teachers looking to advance from Grades C1 to C5, is held at the sub-county level. Senior Teacher I in regular and SNE primary schools at T-Scale 8, Senior Teacher II in regular and SNE primary schools at T-Scale 7, and Headteacher posts in regular and Special Needs Primary Schools at T-Scale 1 are among the positions available. Deputy Headteacher II in regular primary schools at T-Scale 9.

Phase II (January 4 to 16, 2024)

Phase II is intended for post-primary teachers who are pursuing promotions in grades C3 through D1. It will  take place at the county level. Deputy Principal III at T-Scale 11 in regular secondary schools, Senior Master III at T-Scale 11 in regular secondary schools, Senior Lecturer IV at T-Scale 9 in Teacher Training Colleges (TTCs), and Senior Master IV at T-Scale 9 in regular secondary schools are among the promotion positions in  this phase.

Phase III (February 4 to 16, 2024)

Regional promotions will take place for post-primary administrators who want to move up to grades D2 through D5. Chief Principal in ordinary secondary schools at T-Scale 15, Senior Principal at T-Scale 14, Principal at T-Scale 13, Deputy Principal II at T-Scale 12, and Senior Lecturer I at T-Scale 12 are among the promotion roles in this phase.

Candidates participating in these interviews are required to have valid Chapter 6 documents if selected for promotion.

TSC received Sh316.7 billion from the 2023–24 budget, about half of the entire amount allotted to the education sector (Sh628.6 billion). The CEO of TSC, Nancy Macharia, stated that the commission required a substantial sum, Sh2.2 billion, in order to promote teachers to different employment levels.Furthermore, TSC was given Sh4.8 billion for the hiring of 20,000 intern teachers—a sum that increased from Sh2.5 billion for teacher recruitment the year before.

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