2 Gunmen Ambush Lorry Full Of KDF Soldier

2 Gunmen Ambush Lorry Full Of KDF Soldier

2 Gunmen Ambush Lorry Full Of KDF Soldier

In a daring ambush on Friday in Marigat, Baringo County, two armed men  attacked a truck carrying Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) soldiers, injuring one of  them in the process. The vehicle was its route to Arabal Primary School as part of the government’s  renovation efforts for schools that had been vandalized by bandits in the North  Rift region since June, according to a police complaint filed under OB 08/3/11/2023.

According to the police report, two armed citizens blocked the path of the KDF officers’ vehicle as it neared the Embossos Road Junction. The armed civilians returned fire, igniting a furious shootout, to which the KDF personnel had responded with warning bullets.

One of the armed guys was shot in the lower waist during the exchange, but his companion was able to flee into the woods.The wounded suspect was taken into custody for illegal handgun possession.

He was eventually taken to the hospital by the KDF rescue team, where he was treated by KDF doctors on the way. According to reports, at the time this item was published, the injured person’s status was stable.Officers found an AK-47 weapon with 21 rounds of ammo at the location of the event.”The KDF and Rapid Deployment Unit (RDU) Kasiela security teams are jointly combing the adjoining area in search for the other suspect at large,” according to a portion of the police report.

The incident draws attention to the concerning state of affairs in the North Rift region, where the government has been stepping up efforts to bring peace to the unstable area. Interior CS Kithure Kindiki has been urging people in the area to turn in illicit firearms in recent weeks, promising amnesty and assistance to those who are ready to change and reintegrate into society.

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