Rongo University Student Stabbed to Death at Club

Rongo University Student Stabbed to Death at Club

Rongo University Student Stabbed to Death at Club

After getting into a fight with a buddy at a bar close to Rongo University in Migori  County, a third-year student at the university passed away on Thursday. Abel Pchumba and his friend had originally decided to divide the cost of their  drinks at the club, according to the source who provided the information.

Tensions increased as they ordered more drinks and celebrated, with Pchumba’s  companion accusing him of not sharing his fair part of the alcohol. Their friends were compelled to step in and separate them when the argument  turned violent.

After a little while, everything returned to normal, and the two friends parted ways without realizing that their lives were in jeopardy. According to the source, Pchumba’s friend followed the third-year student home and was still quite angry over the circumstances.

The informant claims that after following Pchumba from the club to his house, the suspect got into another altercation with him. The suspect turned violent during this encounter, allegedly stabbing Pchumba with a knife.”After being brought to Rongo Hospital, he was moved to Tabaka Hospital. He passed away on Thursday morning following hours of treatment,” the insider and eyewitness said.

This event is the most recent in a string of fatalities involving students in academic settings. A lot of these cases have something in common, such interpersonal problems or arguments that turn violent.

Last week, there was another incident in which a Multimedia University student was found hanging in his hostel room.According to reports, he stayed home instead of going out with his pals to a club. His pals discovered him hanging in his room several hours later.

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