A- KCSE Student Who Worked as Watchman Joins Campus 

A- KCSE Student Who Worked as Watchman Joins Campus 

A- KCSE Student Who Worked as Watchman Joins Campus 

Nehemiah Koech now has another opportunity to pursue nursing after getting  an A- in the 2019 KCSE exams and having to take on several low-paying jobs to pay for his tuition. Koech even had a security guard job throughout the five years he spent struggling  to gather money. But when philanthropist Irene Mureithi saved him, his ordeal came to an end.

Mureithi helped the recipient get into Masinde Muliro University in Kakamega, where he will begin classes in September. Nehemiah began his official reporting to Masinde Muliro University in September. In a Facebook post, benefactor Ndung’u Nyoro—who collaborates with Mureithi in one organization—stated, “He is a Bachelor of Nursing student.”

Nyoro claims that when Koeach’s narrative was broadcast in February 2023, Mureithi became aware of it. He then tried several times to get in touch with Koech, who lived in Eldoret, and  finally found him and brought him to their Nairobi offices. She even went so far as to take on the burden of paying for his four years of  college education. The benefactor continued by saying that Koech was thrilled about the chance  and excited to begin his nursing profession.

Koech’s first career goal was to become a cardiologist. He did, however, enroll at St. Paul’s University after receiving a letter instructing  him to study computer science there. Donors pulled the plug, cutting short his hopes and leaving him dejected. He initially attended Baringo High School to complete his secondary studies as  a recipient of a scholarship program.

Koech took up a number of menial jobs, including one as a watchman for  Ksh200 a day, in order to make ends meet. In order to save money for his college tuition, he also dug septic tanks. The fact that he was the family’s only provider, having to take care of himself in  addition to supporting his three young sisters, made his condition worse.

Koech made an effort to contact a number of organizations and politicians in an effort to get assistance. But all of his efforts were in vain because his story didn’t become widely known until it was broadcast on Citizen TV. He persisted in believing that one day he will go back to school in order to improve his life in spite of all these obstacles. “Everyone gave up on me along the way, even though I tried reaching out to people who could at least take me to any MCA to present my case,” Koech remembered. Irene Mureithi saved his life at this very moment and permanently altered it.

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