John Onkendi Shortchanged Ksh 700K Raised by Kenyans

John Onkendi Shortchanged Ksh 700K Raised by Kenyans

John Onkendi Shortchanged Ksh 700K Raised by Kenyans

Kisii County’s John Onkendi, a gifted young man, claims that despite receiving  help from well-wishers in 2018, he is still going through difficult times in life. The Prodigy, whose skill at football commentary caused him to become well-known on the internet five years ago, continued by saying that he felt undervalued  by his handlers, who had assured him they would assist his family in handling the  donations.

Football commentators from Radio Maisha took notice of Onkendi due to his remarkable abilities in football commentary during the English Premier League, garnering him national recognition.Later, he was invited at the Radio Maisha studios, where Kenyans came together and contributed around Ksh700,000 to help him develop his abilities.

In an interview with a local media station, Onkendi claimed, “They built a  semipermanent one on a parcel worth Ksh200,000, but they had promised to  buy land worth Ksh700,000 to build a permanent house.” Additionally, the Ksh200,000 worth of land was purchased far from their house,  and the title deed was concealed from them. It wasn’t registered in any of their family members’ names either.

During the conversation, Onkendi’s older brother joined in and said that instead of keeping them in the dark, the people handling the funds should have at least consulted them in picking the location of the land.Their family made every effort, but in vain, to obtain the land’s title deed. Thus, they surmised that the unidentified people holding the title deed intended to sell the property.

All we want, said Onkendi, is to validate the entire amount and examine the pay bill via which the money was contributed. The kid also intended to enroll in a boarding school, but that plan sadly fell through. At the time, he was a Class Two student at Suneka Primary School when his story went viral.

Before going viral, I was mistaken for being mentally unstable while providing football commentary to students both inside and outside of my previous school,” Onkendi recalled in an interview with Voice One Runinga.

The child said that the supposed handlers, who he believed had connections to influential people, threatened him in an attempt to keep him from telling others about his experience. They once imprisoned him inside his house and forbade him from leaving. Since then, Onkendi and his family’s miserable existence has resulted from their abject poverty.

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