Chaos Erupt In UDA Event

Chaos Erupt In UDA Event

Chaos Erupt In UDA Event

On Saturday, during a National Government Affirmative Action Fund (NGAAF)  event in Bomet County, which was graced by Representative Linet Toto for  Bomet Women and attended by a number of politicians, chaos broke out. After National Assembly Majority Whip Sylvanus Osoro took the podium, young  people supporting Senator Wakili Sigei and Governor Hillary Barchok engaged in  combat. This led to the start of the altercation.

In his address, Osoro questioned the community’s political direction and rejected  the present trend of powerful politicians portraying themselves as local kingpins,  claiming that this is impractical. Osoro thinks that the nation has more important issues to address and that  kingpin politics should be put on hold to free up politicians’ time for other pursuits.

To the delight of the throng, the South Mugirango MP was reacting to political realignments in the North Rift region.Before mayhem broke out, Osoro declared, “This is not the time to create regional kingpins. We only have one kingpin in Kenya, and that is President William Ruto.”

Osoro was unable to complete his statement, though, as fighting between the opposing factions forced senior leaders to be escorted to safety.The ceremony ended early, and local governor Hillary Barchok was not among the invited visitors who failed to address the gathering.

Bomet Woman Representative Linet Toto downplayed the pandemonium and hailed the event as a success on social media after it was held.”The commitment and teamwork of our distinguished leaders made the launch of NGAAF countywide projects and Women’s Economic Empowerment (WEE) at Bomet Green Stadium an overwhelming success,” Toto said.

“We will continue to make great strides in our pursuit of a brighter, more inclusive future for all with the support of our community and the dedication of these esteemed leaders,” she continued.

A lot of powerful people are trying to establish themselves as the leaders of their communities in the hopes that this will help them become more well-known, build their political capital, and position them to successfully negotiate for government benefits.

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