Students Recount Gunmen Attack on School Days to Exam

Students Recount Gunmen Attack on School Days to Exam

Students Recount Gunmen Attack on School Days to Exam

A couple of hours prior to the national exams, cattle rustlers attacked Kapindasum  Primary School, as reported by the students. The pupils were seen lying on the floor of one of the classrooms in a video that  surfaced online on Thursday, October 24, as multiple gunshot rounds could be  heard during the attack.

Catherine Chepchumba, one of the kids, said that they were compelled to hide in  the classrooms out of concern that the bandits might shoot at them. They went without food for the most of the day of the attack, as evidenced by  her expression of concern for their life.

The kid in Class Eight begged Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki to step in  and increase the number of police officers stationed in the region and in the  institutions. Additionally, the Junior Secondary School is housed at the school, and a portion of  its students will be taking the Kenya Primary School Education Assessment  (KPSEA).

We are pleading with the CS to step in because we are really sacred. We still haven’t eaten by nine in the morning. Right now, you can even hear gunshots, which is why we are so terrified. We don’t know, and we’re going to take the test soon,” she said.

However, a teacher clarified that the attack took longer to neutralize because the bandits had surrounded the General Service Unit (GSU) camp nearby, making it impossible for the officers to respond to the school emergency.The instructor did, however, mention that some police were present at the school throughout the incident and tried to drive the thieves away.

The incident happened at approximately 9:12 a.m. A few cops from GSU had gone on patrol. They came upon the bandits just a kilometer from the school, so they withdrew inside.”The GSU camp was encircled by the bandits when they called for reinforcements. The pupils haven’t even taken a seat because they are afraid. The teacher said, “There are around 207 children in the school who will be taking the national exams.Officially, exams are scheduled to start on October 30.

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