MPs’ Push to Change School Uniforms  Rejected

MPs’ Push to Change School Uniforms Rejected

MPs’ Push to Change School Uniforms Rejected

Ezekiel Machogu, the cabinet secretary for education, has insisted that uniforms  cannot be the same for pupils all over the nation. The comments were made by Machogu on Tuesday, when he testified before the  National Assembly Committee on Implementation in response to charges that  his Ministry was hesitant to accept the legislative proposal.

The CS noted that due to varying climatic conditions, not all students and kids could wear a uniform because some areas endure extreme cold while others need to dress in light clothing due to high heat.He went on to say that various outfits stood for various traditions.

“The wearing of school uniforms has developed into a tradition. Again, different parts of the country have different climate and weather circumstances, according to the CS.”If for example, you go to a place like Timboroa where the temperatures can be so low and people require sweaters but the same may not be required in other areas like say Turkana.”

The committee had earlier suggested that the Ministry create a policy to prevent cartels from working with school administrators to compel parents to buy the clothing from particular stores.Machogu, however, insisted that he had sent a circular to all the schools warning parents not to be intimidated by the cunning inclinations of principals.

A policy is not a circular… A circular is a way for the minister to communicate information.You can establish a policy for the nation’s standardization and production of school uniforms, the committee suggested.The Presidential Working Party on Education Reforms (PWPER) made the suggestion to standardize the uniform across the nation.

CS for public service Moses Kuria had also argued in favor of the rule in January, saying that schools shouldn’t be permitted to sell uniforms.”The Ministry of Education has been very categorical that our schools have no business selling uniforms, our teachers need to focus on academia and helping our children to transition to CBC and other objectives that the ministry has set,” Kuria said in January.All school buses were painted yellow in a similar effort to streamline education.

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