Bill to Ease Entry into Kenya School of Law

Bill to Ease Entry into Kenya School of Law

Bill to Ease Entry into Kenya School of Law

A new Bill that attempts to allow students who don’t satisfy the qualifications to be  accepted to the Kenya School of Law (KSL) has been submitted by Kirinyaga  Woman Representative Jane Njeri Maina. The Kenya School of Law (Amendment) Bill 2023 aims to change the Kenya School  of Law Act to permit students who have met the minimum entry standard for a  Diploma in Law and those who have earned a Diploma in Law from a university,  university college, or any other institution recognized in Kenya to be admitted into  the Kenya School of Law for the Advocates Training Programme (ATP).

The MP claims that the new Bill, which comes after years of calls for reform from numerous stakeholders, aims to streamline the process of training legal students. “A person who does not meet the requirements shall be eligible for admission at the ATP if that person attained a minimum entry requirement for the diploma in law,” states a portion of the legislation.

Currently, in order to be admitted to KSL, students must have earned a mean grade of C+ in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) or its equivalent, as well as a minimum grade of B in English or Kiswahili.The Bill that Njeri is sponsoring is not the first piece of legislation that aims to make it easier to pursue legal education in the nation.

The Legal Education (Amendment) Bill 2023, put out in the past by Embakasi East MP Babu Owino, attempted to reduce the demand for law degrees.The MP stated that eliminating the requirement that candidates have at least a grade B in English or Kiswahili will allow more pupils to enroll in the course.The MP claims that the regulations prevent hundreds of would-be lawyers from attending the course.The nation is currently dealing with an increase in incidences of people practicing law without the necessary licenses and impersonating lawyers.

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