During National Exams Deputy Headteachers To Remain In School

During National Exams Deputy Headteachers To Remain In School

During National Exams Deputy Headteachers To Remain In School

A new regulation mandates that deputy primary school headteachers remain on-site during the KCPE and KPSEA test sessions. A change from the former practice, where deputies were not required to be present during these exams, is that they will not take part in the invigilation and monitoring of national exams.

In reaction to widespread malpractices, including cheating, seen during the most  recent national exams, these measures have been made. During the exam time, deputy headteachers will work with their headteachers to  ensure that the school’s programs run smoothly.

The deputies will be in charge of keeping the school running on a daily basis while the headteachers are in responsibility of handling and securing the exam papers in containers. After the tests are over, they will help with student supervision and management.

The KCPE and KPSEA exams are slated for October 30 to November 1 of 2023, with candidates having a practice day on October 27. KNEC has completed its preparations to provide national exams to 2.3 million students, including 1,415,315 KCPE and 903,260 KCSE applicants. Additional Grade Six students will take the KPSEA exam, totaling 1,282,574.

The usage of 576 distribution centers or containers for the KPSEA and KCPE exams as well as 567 containers for the KCSE papers is only one example of the preparations that have been done, according to KNEC Chief Executive David Njengere.82 more containers have been bought to suit new sub-counties. There are strict controls in place to guarantee the professionalism and integrity of the exam process, and the Ministry of Education has vowed to punish those who commit violations.

The Center Manager, Deputy Principal/Headteacher (designated if there is more than one deputy), Supervisor(s), Invigilator(s), Gatekeeper, Laboratory Technician, and Science Teacher during Practicals, as well as authorized support staff for meal preparation who must confine their movements to the kitchen, will be the only individuals permitted inside exam centers during the examination period. These steps are intended to prevent exam fraud and preserve the validity of the tests.

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