Body Parts of Missing relatives Found

Body Parts of Missing relatives Found

Body Parts of Missing relatives Found

Following the discovery of their relatives’ body parts strewn on the road days after  they went missing, two families from the Igembe constituency in Meru County are  in grief. One of the deceased’s wives told the press on Saturday that the family has  confirmed that two of the body parts belong to two of their relatives, but that a third  relative is still missing.

The wife described how the three victims left their house and went to the Kenna Forest, but they never came back.The family began making calls that went unanswered when they realized something was wrong. The next step involved assembling a search party.

Days later, they received the shocking news that their relatives’ body parts, including a head and an arm, had been discovered dispersed by the side of the road. They were able to identify her husband at this time. “When we set out to look for them, the only thing we discovered was my husband’s head and an arm in one spot. We located the second head in a different place,” she said.

The wife of the other deceased person described how she repeatedly called her husband but received no response before discovering his head and some of his torso.The victims allegedly died after buying cows, and their carcasses were dumped in the wilderness where hyenas eventually devoured them.A victim is still unaccounted for. The family is now pleading with the authorities to launch quick investigations to ascertain the truth.The third victim’s wife just discovered her husband’s clothes and shoes at the site. She really wants to believe that her better half is still alive.

While they wait for the results of the investigations, the three widows are considering raising their children on their own and taking on the role of family breadwinners.One of the widows said, “We pray they carry out their investigations to disclose what happened in the forest and arrest those responsible.The bodies’ fragments were to be buried by the families in the condition in which they had been found at the crime scene.

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