Kuria to publish Senior Government Officials’ Performance

Kuria to publish Senior Government Officials’ Performance

Kuria to publish Senior Government Officials’ Performance

Moses Kuria, the Public Service Cabinet Secretary, has launched a 10-point plan to enhance service delivery across all government agencies, including ministries.The CS announced in a statement on Saturday that his ministry will collaborate with other ministries around the nation to hold Cabinet Secretaries and government officials accountable for service delivery.

The forums will be called Wajibika Town Hall Forums, according to the CS, to reflect the importance placed on developing accountability. In contrast, he promised to monitor the performance of every public employee and to publish a report on that performance on a digital platform that would be open to all Kenyans.

He said the new course of action was consistent with the August initiative of  President William Ruto to sign performance contracts. “We will introduce a digital platform to track Performance Contracts, Project  Delivery & Execution, and Individual Staff Performance for all of the more than  90,000 Public  Servants, while sharing the findings with the public on a monthly basis.

“We will implement a digital Ombudsman tool to be known as Pasha for the public  to report all cases of denial of or poor service by national and county government  institutions and avail all such incidents for public and media scrutiny,” he said. On the other hand, he emphasized that he would endeavor to replace retiring  officials with young people in order to improve the current government staff. Additionally, he discussed his objectives to guarantee an 80:20 split between  technical and support staff.

“Through a digital, transparent, and verifiable hiring tool that will disperse available opportunities across the nation, we will provide every Kenyan with the chance to work for the government, regardless of their social, economic, or political status. We also seek to encourage the private sector and overseas recruiters to use the same transparent platform for jobs and internships under the slogan “Job Bila Connection.”

“We will maximise government efficiency and effectiveness by instituting government-wide Business Process Re-engineering, technology, people and organisation Review and putting in place a coordination framework that eliminates hand-offs, red tape and over-laps for effective service delivery,” he stated.Regarding Huduma Centers, Kuria vowed to expand the range of public services provided there across the 47 counties.

The various institutions will also offer chances for private and foreign businesses to do business.The Public Service Ministry emphasized reforms within the state-owned enterprises that are struggling with underperformance and debt as being of the utmost importance.

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