Comprehensive Medical Care for Children with Special Needs

Comprehensive Medical Care for Children with Special Needs

Comprehensive Medical Care for Children with Special Needs

The Universal Health Care program, which is scheduled to be introduced by  President Dr. William Ruto on Mashujaa Day, has been much improved thanks to  tremendous efforts made by the Ministry of Education to guarantee children with  special needs and disabilities are included.

According to Ezekiel Machogu, the cabinet secretary for education, kids will have access to essential therapy and rehabilitation services through the Universal Health Care program, which will help lessen the burden of their specific needs and impairments. This action is anticipated to encourage out-of-school youngsters with special needs and disabilities to sign up for the program and take advantage of its benefits.

CS Machogu emphasized the significance of parental influence on children’s growth  and education during the 29th commencement ceremony of the Kenya Institute of  Special Education (KISE), where 664 diplomas in special needs education and 207  certificates were conferred.

He discussed the institute’s plans to create a Parental Empowerment Center and  gave the assurance that the Ministry of Education will continue to support it until  it was finished. The ability of parents to create tailored education plans and life skills for students  with special needs and disabilities will be improved thanks to this facility.

The Diploma in Special Needs Education should be aligned with the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC), CS Machogu said, and he encouraged the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) to complete both this curriculum and the protracted Diploma in Sign Language Interpretation as soon as possible.

Machogu reaffirmed the government’s dedication to students with special needs and disabilities, emphasizing the importance of offering suitable aids, technologies, and specific learning materials. He said that the distribution of this equipment would be centralized through the Kenya Institute of Special Education, with the first batch, valued at Sh87 million, going to 101 schools for pupils with hearing and vision impairments. There will be more grants to help those with intellectual and physical disabilities.

CS Machogu emphasized the Ministry’s plan to close this gap by appointing KISE to provide servicing to special institutions and inclusive programs across the country, ensuring continued access for students with special needs. This was done in recognition of the need for ongoing maintenance of assistive devices and technologies.

The government has given KISE permission to build a Major manufacture Unit on 30 acres of property in Machakos County in order to support local manufacture of educational and assistive technology. This program aims to provide accessibility to necessary resources for kids with special needs and disabilities while reducing dependency on imports.

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