A list of teacher transfers for the 2023 school year has recently been released  by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC). Here are a few noteworthy transfers: 1. Madam Florence Omondi transferred to Sinyolo Girls from Ng’iya Girls.

2. Madam Hellen Juma transferred from Ng’iya Girls to Ogande Girls.

3. Dr. Jennifer Otolo was moved from Ogande Girls to Ng’iya Girls.

4. Mr. Okoth Bonventure shifted from St Mary’s School Yala to Riokindo High School.

5. Mr. Victor Omondi Makanda moved from St Anthony’s Boys High Kitale to St Mary’s School Yala.

6. Mr. Edward Wachilonga was transferred from Riokindo Boys to Chavakali Boys.

7. Mr. Stephen Abong’o moved from St Joseph’s Rapogi to Ringa Boys.

8. Mr. Erastus Nyangwa shifted from Ratanga to St Joseph’s Rapogi.

9. Mr. Nicholas Ochieng’ transferred from Uriri High School to Ratanga.

10. Mr. Sang moved from Kaplong High to Kabianga High.

Principal Transfers Updates

1. Ringa Boys’ principal, Mr. Muma, has been relocated to Barding Sec in Siaya County.

2. Mr. Sang from Kaplong is now heading to Kabianga school.

3. Mr. Sangutet of Bwake Sec transferred to Tenwek Boys.

4. Mr. Mutali Chesebe is now leading St. Anthony Boys Kitale.

5. Principal Riokindo is heading to Chavakali boys.

6. Principal of St. Mary’s School Yala is taking over at Riokindo Boys.

Principal Transfers Updates

7. Principal of St. Anthony’s Boys High School Kitale is moving to St. Mary’s School Yala.

8. Sinyolo girls’ principal has been reassigned to Ogande girls.

9. The Ogande principal transferred to Ng’iya girls.

10. Principal Rapogi is moving to Ringa after nearly 2 years.

11. Principal Ratanga is being relocated to Rapogi.

12. Principal Uriri is heading to Ratanga.

13. Principal Shikunga is now at Kamusinga.

14. Principal Sori sec moved to Ramba Boys.

15. St. Mary’s Mabera is transferring to Ichuni.

16. Ichuni is now under Bishop Linus Okok.

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