Ruto’s Chief Guest Fails to Attend Mashujaa Day

Ruto’s Chief Guest Fails to Attend Mashujaa Day

Ruto’s Chief Guest Fails to Attend Mashujaa Day

President William Ruto invited President Joo Lourenço of Angola to be the primary guest for the 60th Mashujaa Day Celebrations, which he did not attend.Tete António, the foreign minister of Angola, said during a speech at the Kericho Green Stadium that the president was unable to attend the ceremony due to unforeseen circumstances.

The diplomat said that Lourenço had intended to go to the occasion.It was not immediately clear what specifically prevented Lourenço from attending the state event conducted in Kericho.

“Let me begin by expressing the President’s regrets on his behalf. He would have wanted to be here, but due to unavoidable circumstances, he was unable to travel to Kericho. Nevertheless, he gave you a heartfelt greeting, he said.On Thursday evening, Lourenço and his wife Ana Dias Lourenço entered the nation.

At the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA), Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi welcomed the first couple.This is the first occasion in recent memory that a state chief visitor has skipped a party despite having arrived in the nation the day before. The visiting President was in the nation, and according to Ruto, he would start his formal visit and discussions with the administration on Saturday, October 21.The President stated that the state visit would take place the following day.

Lourenço was scheduled to complete his visit on October 20 after having bilateral conversations with Ruto, according to Mudavadi, who also serves as the cabinet secretary for foreign affairs.It is unknown at this time if the visiting President will stay for an additional day.

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