New Measures to Curb Cheating in KCSE & KCPE

New Measures to Curb Cheating in KCSE & KCPE

New Measures to Curb Cheating in KCSE & KCPE

Ezekiel Machogu, the Education Cabinet Secretary, has revealed additional  adjustments that would be made to this year’s national exams in an effort to  reduce exam fraud. The Kenya Institute of Special Education in Kasarani’s graduation ceremony was  where the CS made the announcement that center managers will choose morning  and afternoon papers independently.

He clarified that after the morning exam and student papers were returned, the school principals would choose the second paper for the day.The new safeguards, according to Machogu, would stop the morning leak and exposure of the publications.

This year, we were able to increase both the quantity of containers and the  distribution hubs, enabling the center managers to obtain the exam materials  from the closest location possible. “They will go in the morning and again go for the same in the afternoon in order  for us to avoid early exposure which was giving us a headache,” he said.

The CS also stated that in order to foster a favorable climate for teachers, the  ministry has increased the number of marking centers. A few days before the start of the national exams, these additional adjustments  were made public. The official start of the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) is  scheduled for October 23 with practicals in French, German, and music. Students will take Chemistry Paper 1 on November 6, which will be the first of the  main exams. The Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) will, however, start for Class 8  pupils on October 30.

The CS’s new actions would support guidelines released on October 19 by the Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC).To reduce cheating during exams, KNEC outlawed Bluetooth gadgets, smart watches, and programmable calculators.Additionally, it prohibited instructors and students from bringing handbags, briefcases, backpacks, or kiondos into the test rooms.

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