Senior intern teacher’s fate

Senior intern teacher’s fate

Senior intern teacher’s fate

TSC identifies JSS interns. The JSS senior coach’s destiny was made known by TSC. The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) is charged with the vital duty of policing  the various branches of the teaching profession, as stated in the Kenyan  Constitution. This covers duties including hiring new teachers, overseeing promotions and  transfers, and making sure teachers are paid on schedule.

Leaders of the TSC have worked hard to address the dire need for more teachers  and to increase funds for new career options in education. The Committee also stressed the value of respecting dedication and hard work  and strongly endorsed compensation hikes for elementary and secondary school  teachers in Kenya.

There are some encouraging developments notwithstanding the difficulties faced by Kenyan teachers. 2019 marks the official recognition of all lecturers as full-time instructors, and they will all retire.This innovation represents a big shift in the industry and guarantees job and financial security for this specific teacher.TSC initiated a preventative effort in February of this year, recruiting roughly 20,000 teachers , primarily in primary and secondary schools. The establishment of these jobs is intended to significantly boost the nation’s skill-based curriculum.

While some freshly hired instructors are on probation, others have moved on to permanent positions or retired.

All teachers hired by February of this year are expected to receive long-term employment and pensions, according to reliable sources. It is anticipated that these modifications will completely alter Kenya’s teaching labor market.All existing elementary and middle school teachers shall get written notice of their move to a permanent post prior to the commencement of the 2024–25 academic year.These initiatives are a reflection of TSC’s proactive and forward-thinking approach to preserving Kenyan education’s future and assuring the welfare of its devoted teaching staff.TSC highlights the condition of senior JSS students.

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