Kenyan Courses with High Demand

Kenyan Courses with High Demand

Kenyan Courses with High Demand

Courses in Kenya That Are Extremely Demanding The list of courses in Kenya with the highest demand is provided below  in case any of you were curious. We are aware that not everyone enjoys learning a lot of math or science; after all,  people have different strengths and weaknesses. Others cringe at the idea of spending their entire lives at college (life is short, they  say). Here are Kenya’s most challenging courses so that you can choose wisely in either  case. Top 10 extremely difficult courses in Kenya Here are Kenya’s top 10 challenging courses right now:


One of the most difficult subjects in Kenya is undoubtedly architecture.However, despite being immensely lucrative, this course is not for everyone.Numerous subjects will be covered, including mathematics (geometry, trigonometry, algebra, and calculus), science (mostly physics), some computer science (3D modeling, etc.), and many others.In summary, architecture is challenging, requiring intense study, extraordinary artistic talent, and strong quantitative aptitude.


Engineering is regarded as one of the most challenging disciplines worldwide and  one of the hardest courses in Kenya. The fact that engineering teaches you to solve complex real-life problems is all it takes to make it as challenging as manicure. As a result, training entails tackling utterly complex circumstances as assignments  and within the context of regular courses. It is not surprising that the success rates in engineering programs are continuously  poor at all levels (certificates, diplomas, and degrees). One advantage is that engineering has countless job options.

Medicine and surgery

Of course it is, right?It may be claimed that straight A students excel in medical courses, especially at the college level!The MBCHMB (Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery) program at KMTC takes 7-8 years to finish, and the Diploma in Clinical Medicine program there takes roughly 3 years to complete.On the plus side, medicine is among the highest paid fields in Kenya and is quite well paid.You also have a beneficial, long-lasting effect on humanity. Is it tasty?And the reason for that is that this is yet another subject that calls for exceptional math abilities; after all, risk is measured using mathematical models, probability, and a ton of numerical statistical data.

Biochemistry Course Biochemistry is essentially a laboratory science that combines chemistry and  biology. Because of this, this course benefits students who have always performed well in  the sciences. The main subjects cover biology, molecular processes of disease, genetics, and  more. It goes without saying that thorough understanding of these topics requires a lot  of study.


While there is some arithmetic involved in this subject, the numerous economic theories that you must understand are what make it challenging for some students. Of course, it would be dishonest to compare them to Kenya’s typically rigorous programs in engineering and medical.However, some students find it challenging to memorize many economic ideas, and occasionally they drop out.that there has been some advancement in the mathematical modeling of economic topics.

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