Wife Recounts Last Call With Husband Found Dead

Wife Recounts Last Call With Husband Found Dead

Wife Recounts Last Call With Husband Found Dead

A widow from Nakuru described receiving a panic call from her husband hours  before his body was discovered on the side of the road on Wednesday. The distraught woman claimed to the media that she left her spouse at home on  the aforementioned day to go pick up her child from school.

She went back to her house, but he had left because he had gone to town.As the woman’s frequent calls to her husband went unanswered for hours, she started to worry.

“I put the kid to bed at 10 o’clock, and then he called. She recalled, “He told me that he was bound up in an unknown place and that the people wanted to kill him. The husband’s conversation abruptly ended as he was detailing his ordeal, and subsequent attempts to reach him proved unsuccessful.

As her husband rarely spent the night away from the house, she made the decision to phone her father-in-law.He had also gotten the same message from his son, who had expressed concern at how distressed and helpless the deceased sounded.I made the decision to head to the city in the morning to look for my husband. Then a family member called to tell me that something had happened and that I needed to get to town right once, she recalled.

The widow was intrigued when she arrived in town and saw a sizable gathering gathered around. She too paused to take in the scene before realizing that her husband’s dead body was the focus of attention.

The distraught wife requested that the police look into the incident and added that her law-abiding husband didn’t deserve to be killed so brutally. “I fainted when I heard the news, all I want is justice for my husband all he did was sell potatoes and was not a thief,” she continued. It is unclear whether an autopsy will be performed to determine the cause of death because the police have not yet released a report on the incident.

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