Meru Governor Arrested

Meru Governor Arrested

Meru Governor Arrested

Embattled Meru While Governor Kawira Mwangaza regarded a second call for impeachment by  Members of County Assembly (MCAs) over alleged mismanagement, police  detained her. As part of her Okolea program, which she has led to help disadvantaged families,  the governor was detained while distributing cows in Central Imenti.

Mwangaza was apprehended by a group of armed police officers, and she live-streamed the event on her social media accounts. After Kithure Kindiki, the interiors cabinet secretary, blocked the Okolea meetings,  the arrest happened just a few weeks later. She claimed that since her election on August 9, 2022, the county has been shaken  by political squabbles involving the usage of the police.

Mwangaza has been fighting with county officials, notably Agriculture Cabinet  Secretary (CS) Mithika Linturi, over the past several months, accusing them of  meddling in county matters. The purpose of this effort, which was supported by the County Government of  Meru and approved by the County Assembly of Meru, is to improve the lives of  the less fortunate. Regrettably, law enforcement officers were sent to obstruct the implementation  of this initiative, the speaker said.

“It is disheartening to witness needless curtailment of development efforts meant to benefit the vulnerable in our community.” The governor remained adamant that she would carry on with the initiative despite being arrested because of its advantages for the locals.She demanded to know who gave the cops the order to detain her.”Police officers told me to go with them, so I did what they asked. I’m hoping that those who dispatched the officers will let me go,” she continued.

Reports that the Wednesday trip in Imenti was a part of the Okelea meetings that  Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki had forbade were denied by the  governor’s office through the Chief of Staff. The county’s development program was the reason for the visit to give the cows a  donation, according to the Chief of Staff.

Police apologized to Mwangaza for the event, claiming that it was a case of  mistaken identity, but only after hours of a standoff with the governor. “Madam Governor, it wasn’t what you meant. A case of mistaken identity occurred. One of the officers apologized and said, “We sincerely apologize.

On September 22, Kinidki forbade the Okolea meetings, alleging altercations that  had taken place there. According to reports that have reached me, the governor’s (Mwangaza) allies  incited violence, disturbed the calm, and attacked journalists under the pretense  of standing up for the governor of Meru. The targeted individuals broke the law as well,” Kindiki instructed.

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