Raila’s Clarification on Kalonzo endorsement for the 2027

Raila’s Clarification on Kalonzo endorsement for the 2027

Raila’s Clarification on Kalonzo endorsement for the 2027



Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has denied reports that he endorsed Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka as Azimio Coalition’s Presidential flagbearer in the 2027 General Election.

In a statement signed by his Personal Assistant Dennis Onyango, the former
Presidential contestant indicated that it was too early to endorse a flag bearer.

An endorsement of Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka as the Azimio Coalition’s  presidential candidate in the 2027 general election has been disputed by former  prime minister Raila Odinga. The former candidate for president said it was too early to endorse a flag bearer in  a statement that was signed by his personal assistant Dennis Onyango.

He added that his appreciation of the Wiper leader during Oburu Odinga’s birthday celebration was merely meant to reaffirm Kalonzo’s prior support for the coalition.”Odinga therefore clarifies that his praise for H.E. Kalonzo Musyoka for standing with him in three successive elections, the Wiper leader’s strong Christian values and the support Mr. Musyoka has built across the country was not an endorsement of Mr. Musyoka as the Azimio presidential candidate in 2027,” the statement began.

“Rather, the praise was an acknowledgment and appreciation of past deeds that are in the public domain.”The former prime minister went on to say that selecting a flag bearer would only be decided upon when the conditions were favorable and the candidate for the position had established a track record with the party’s membership.

“Odinga views Azimio as a coalition of equals, in which every leader stands a fair and equal chance to emerge as the presidential candidate in 2027, depending on each leader’s relationship with the party membership. That candidate will however not be named until a year or just months to the 2027 election,” he added.

Contrary to Mr. Ruto’s recent claim that he would easily defeat the Wiper leader, Mr. Odinga believes that Mr. Musyoka has what it takes to defeat him in a free and fair presidential election. Mr. Odinga also assures the nation and Azimio supporters that he intends to remain very active in party and national politics through the year 2027. Therefore, his words of praise for Mr. Musyoka were not meant to imply that he had or would stop engaging in active politics, the statement continued.

The former prime minister appeared to support Kalonzo during his speech in Siaya County, according to numerous press reports.He stood up for Kalonzo during the occasion when President William Ruto attacked him, saying that if Kalonzo was chosen to carry the Coalition’s banner, he would probably win.

“This man, we have stood with him together since the KANU regime, we went ahead to NDP, we went to NARC, and even to ODM, and we have stood with him twice fighting,” he remarked at the time.”The man has courage, he is someone to believe in, he is a Christian, a humble guy, and loving, and last time I heard Ruto saying that Raila won’t vie so I will have time for Kalonzo.”Along with Martha Karua as his running mate, Raila ran for the presidency in 2022. The position of Prime Cabinet Secretary was promised to Kalonzo, who backed the group.

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