Road Accident Involving KNUT Sec General Oyuu

Road Accident Involving KNUT Sec General Oyuu

Road Accident Involving KNUT Sec General Oyuu

Collins Oyuu, the secretary general of the Kenya National Union of Teachers, was  involved in a car accident on a Monday morning in Kisumu County. The incident happened on the Bondo-Kisumu route close to Kombewa, where Oyuu’s car swerved off the road and  repeatedly rolled. According to reports, he was trying to avoid hitting a bike when the tragedy  happened.

Nyanza Regional Traffic Enforcement Officer, Allan Mwangi, disclosed that the car overturned during the evasive maneuver, resulting in an injury to the cyclist, while Oyuu miraculously escaped unharmed.

Oyuu was immediately taken to a hospital in Kisumu after the incident, where he is  currently receiving medical care. Although he is no longer in immediate danger, his health is being closely watched  by medical personnel.

During an interview with The Standard at the Aga Khan Hospital in Kisumu, where he is undergoing treatment, Oyuu expressed his shock at the incident. He credited his survival to the seatbelt he had wisely fastened, which prevented him from being ejected from the vehicle.

The collision, which happened on the Bondo-Kisumu route, still has no clear cause. The local law enforcement agencies have thus started an inquiry into the events leading up to this regrettable incident.

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