MPs Ask TSC To Reinstate Interdicted Teachers

MPs Ask TSC To Reinstate Interdicted Teachers

MPs Ask TSC To Reinstate Interdicted Teachers

Julius Melly, a member of parliament (MP) from Tinderet, has criticized the  Teachers Service Commission (TSC) for suspending non-local teachers on the grounds that they had neglected their duties. Because of their requests for relocation from North-Eastern Kenya due to security concerns, these educators were fired.

Melly spoke out against the TSC’s choice at the Meteitei Adventist Primary School’s dedication of a new tuition building. He argued that firing teachers was unfair given how legitimate their security worries were.

Unless the government can guarantee their safety at their places of employment, Melly is now advocating for the prompt reinstatement of the suspended teachers by TSC and their transfer. He questioned the competence of those at the TSC headquarters in Nairobi who decide whether to fire teachers without taking their concerns into consideration.

The MP showed his support for the affected teachers, who claim the TSC exceeded its authority. These teachers claim that the employer is endangering their life and have been protesting in front of the TSC’s offices, calling for Parliament to intervene.

Melly emphasized the expensive expense of self-protection measures and the difficulties in gaining access to safe transportation as other obstacles encountered by the teachers.

In letters to these instructors, the TSC, then led by Nancy Macharia, defended the suspension by pointing to a violation of the instructors Service Commission Act and charging the teachers with neglecting their responsibilities. These educators have been camping out in front of the TSC headquarters for weeks, asking for transfers out of the area owing to the unrest brought on by Al-Shabaab’s threat and animosity from the local populace. They claim that the TSC has not sufficiently addressed their issues.

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