Job openings at Kenya School of Government

Job openings at Kenya School of Government

Job openings at Kenya School of Government

The Kenya School of Government (KSG) has announced various job possibilities,  which has delighted job searchers. Kenyan citizens may apply for these positions, and the KSG is accepting paper  applications as well as online ones through October 30, 2023. Chef, Waiter, Executive Chef, Senior Chef, and Senior Support Staff are among the  open positions that are being advertised. KSG strongly supports gender equality and welcomes applications from persons of  all backgrounds, including women, minorities, and those with impairments. Without engaging in any sort of prejudice, they are committed to filling these  vacancies.

It’s vital to remember that the application process is absolutely free of charge and doesn’t include any money. All qualified Kenyan candidates are encouraged to apply.The KSG will take into account qualified candidates for these jobs. The KSG webpage has comprehensive information on the positions, including responsibilities and duties, to assist candidates in getting ready.

If you’re interested in applying, click the provided link to get the application forms and details about the vacancies. When sending a paper application, be sure to do so before the deadline and to include the reference number (REF) for the position you are applying for in the subject line.

Four campuses, five institutes, and six specialty centers make up the Kenya School of Government, which offers national and regional public servants training and development programs.

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