Amabuko Mystery Illness Hospitalizes 174 Students

Amabuko Mystery Illness Hospitalizes 174 Students

Amabuko Mystery Illness Hospitalizes 174 Students

Recently, a health emergency affecting 174 students at Kisii’s Amabuko Secondary  School required their immediate treatment on a Monday. Food poisoning is thought to be the outbreak’s cause, which raises serious  questions regarding the quality of the pupils’ meals.

Affected students first experienced uncomfortable symptoms of acute stomach discomfort and diarrhea on Monday morning. They were immediately sent to Gucha Hospital, Ichuni Mission Hospital, and Keroka Sub-County Hospital to obtain medical care in response.

Rigoma Ward MCA, Nyambega Gisesa, lauded the swift response to the crisis, particularly in light of a recent incident in Vihiga. He acknowledged that the issue at Amabuko Secondary School is suspected to be related to contaminated water and food.

The medical staff at Keroka Hospital had everything they needed, including enough supplies and trained personnel, to treat the emergency and provide treatment to the injured pupils. The disease may have been brought on by a dinner of beans and vegetables that the pupils ingested on Sunday night, according to locals who hurried to the school to help with evacuations.

This incident raises questions about the living situations in boarding schools, particularly as student populations rise and inadequate expenditures are being made in crucial facilities like classrooms and dormitories. Numerous institutions struggle with problems with access to clean water and sanitary conditions. The rising cost of living also puts further financial strain on school administrations.

Other schools encountered health issues earlier in the year, including St. Theresa’s  Eregi Girls High School, which had to send pupils home due to an epidemic of an  unknown illness. Students who were afflicted sent blood samples to the Kenya Medical Research  Institute (KEMRI) for additional examination. A serious diarrheal outbreak at Mukumu Girls also resulted in the tragic deaths of  four people—three pupils and a teacher—and forced the temporary closure of the school.

To guarantee that students always follow proper sanitation procedures, Education  CS Ezekiel Machogu recommended the creation of safety subcommittees in all  institutions in reaction to these incidences. This emphasizes how crucial it is to protect children’ health and safety in  educational settings.

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