Police officer fatally shoots her husband

Police officer fatally shoots his husband

Police officer fatally shoots his husband

After killing her husband many times on Saturday evening, a female police officer  stationed in Uasin Gishu was taken into custody. A police statement claims that the couple’s argument was what started the tragedy.

According to the police statement, the police officer left the house following the argument and went to her work station, which is close to where they lived.A portion of the statement said, “The accused alleged went back to check on her children in their rented house and her husband turned to her with a knife wanting to stab her.”

The police officer shot the husband several times out of self-defense using the gun she was given for work. Officers responded quickly to the incident and arrived on the scene, where they discovered that the individual had been shot to death.

According to the police statement, “one person, age 36, an adult from Keiyo was lying on his bed facing downward on a pool of blood with several bullet wounds.”The crime site was processed by Crime site Investigation (CSI) personnel from Uasin Gishu County, according to the official statement.

The deceased’s body was then sent to Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital (MTRH) for preservation while a postmortem was being performed. An AK-47 rifle, 11 ammunition, and three bullet heads were found at the location by police officers who responded to the call.

If the officer is convicted guilty of manslaughter, she faces a maximum sentence of life in jail, according to Kenyan law.”A person acting in self-defence will not be criminally liable if their act causes death, provided that their life was in such danger as to warrant the act causing death,” the legislation declares.

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