Machogu Returns 1 week Half term Break

Machogu Returns 1 week Half term Break

Machogu Returns 1 week Half term Break

Ezekiel Machogu, the Cabinet Secretary for Education, provided crucial information  regarding the 2024 school year’s academic schedule on Friday, October 13. Pre-primary, primary, junior secondary, senior secondary, and teacher preparation  colleges will all be impacted by the calendar.

Notably, the government mandated that schools return for Term One 2024 on  January 8 and that they will close on April 5, making the term a full 13 weeks long. Many individuals across the nation have responded favorably to this announcement,  especially educators and other stakeholders.

Additionally, the report indicates that half-term breaks will remain as previously planned, with schools having a half-term break from February 29th to March 3rd, lasting for three days instead of the earlier seven days.

As for teachers’ training colleges, their first term will begin on January 8 and conclude on April 5, with a holiday from April 8 to April 26. Term two will start on April 29 and run until August 2, followed by a holiday from August 5 to August 30. The final term will last for 11 weeks, from August 26 to November 8, with the long December holidays set for November 11 to January 3, 2025.

The same article from local media states that after that, students would take a three-week break from April 8 to April 26.Term Two will commence on April 29 and extend until August 5, with a standard three-day half-term break in June.

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