KPA Re-Floats Liberian Ship After Sinking

KPA Re-Floats Liberian Ship After Sinking 

KPA Re-Floats Liberian Ship After Sinking

Msc Eagle F, a Liberian container ship, was successfully refloated by Kenya Ports Authority in order to prevent a marine ecological catastrophe near the Kilindini channel entrance.KPA reports that the ship ran aground on Monday at about 11:35 a.m. and had been submerged for more than 24 hours.

The Liberian ship had lost its engine as it approached the Kilindini channel from Port Louis, Mauritius, her last port of call.

The channel, however, was not affected as the ship movements went on as usual. With its 18 crew members, the recently acquired salvage tug boat Mwokozi II, which has a 120-ton bollard pull, was in charge of the afternoon’s joint salvage effort.Pate and Nyangumi, harbor tugs that can draw 75 tons and 58 tons of bollards, respectively, aided Mwokozi II.

Three tugboats from KPA successfully moved the ship, which was carrying 9709 metric tons of cargo, into the port, ending the tense moments caused by the grounding. The Southern Engineering Company (SECO) team, whose tug, Alpha Falcao, stayed overnight by the ship in case the crew needed to be evacuated, collaborated with the successful recovery operation.The most powerful tugboat ever supplied to Kenya’s coastline, Mwokozi 11, is mostly used in Mombasa and was delivered by Med Marine to the Kenya Ports Authority in April of this year.The authority’s requirements for ship handling, towing, and salvage operations as required by the East African and Indian Ocean regions were taken into consideration when it was designed.

The salvage activities give the Kenya Port Authority a new source of income and improve the organization’s reputation as a premier port on the Western Indian Ocean Seaboard.The renovation and maintenance program of the Kenya Ports Authority, which aims to increase effectiveness and safety at sea, includes it as a crucial addition to Mombasa, according to Med Marine.


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