End of Agreement With Cuban Physicians

End of Agreement With Cuban Physicians

End of Agreement With Cuban Physicians

Nakhumicha Wafula, the cabinet secretary for health, has said that the government  would not extend its contract with Cuban medical professionals who entered the  nation six years ago to fill openings at county hospitals.

An engagement program where Cuban doctors would assist at Kenyan hospitals  and Kenyan doctors would travel to Cuba for specialized training was made a reality  by the 2017 agreement between Kenya and Cuba.

The deal between Kenya and Cuba that was  signed  when previous President Uhuru  was in office was dogged by controversy since  local  healthcare professionals  criticized the action.

Kenyan doctors complained about being ignored, saying they were capable of doing all their Cuban colleagues could, but only lacked the funding and medical supplies to carry out their duties.Local doctors also criticized the action, claiming it was unjust to Kenyan healthcare professionals who were out of work.Nevertheless, Cuba’s healthcare system has earned praise for being among the best in the world.This is as a result of its emphasis on a preventative rather than a curative approach to medicine, which had been commonly used in Kenya.

Despite the criticism, Kenya decided to keep the agreement once the two-year contract with Cuba expired, much to the dismay of the local physicians. Institutions including the Council of Governors (CoG) and the Kenya Medical  Practitioners and Dentists Union (KMPDU) have demanded that the agreement  be terminated. There have been complaints about the wealthy compensation Cuban doctors have  been receiving, which includes full medical care through the National Health  Insurance Fund (NHIF) and fully paid utility costs.

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