EACC Arrests 4 Police Officers as Crackdown on Graft

EACC Arrests 4 Police Officers as Crackdown on Graft Intensifies

EACC Arrests 4 Police Officers as Crackdown on Graft Intensifies

Four police officers became detained by Ethics and Anti Corruption (EACC) agents on suspicion of extorting  money from drivers on Machakos’ Thika-Garissa route. A deputy base commander, a sergeant, and two police constables were among the  police personnel who were held on charges of illegally collecting payments from  motorists.The group, which included Christine Chebon, Robert Kabiru, Rosemary Nyokabi, and Deputy Base Commander Deborah Ngila, was detained as part of continuous attempts to combat corruption in traffic management.

The EACC officers launched investigations into the situation as part of their continuing campaign to combat corruption in the traffic sector after receiving complaints from drivers traveling the route about the police manning the roadblocks’ frequent extortion. “As part of ongoing initiatives to tame traffic corruption, EACC arrested 4 police officers extorting money from motorists on Thika-Garissa,” the anti-graft organization reported.

Detectives allegedly kept an eye on the suspects for a few days before acting. The anti-corruption agency squad allegedly collected Ksh 12,000 within an hour of the detention.The arrests represent a pivotal step in the fight against corruption in  traffic enforcement.

The anti-graft agency also apprehended a police  inspector  assigned to the Kisumu Central  Police Station during a parallel investigation  that  was carried out in the lakeside  city of  Kisumu.

The suspect, Joash Rotich Koriese, allegedly sought a token payment of Sh 0.5  million to drop charges against a transporter and release confiscated goods,  according to information provided by the EACC. He tried to thwart EACC authorities’ attempts to apprehend him, according to EACC.

Following these arrests, the CEO of EACC demanded that traffic law enforcement  be  automated as a way to reform the industry, which is still dealing with corruption  problems. Twalib Mbarak stressed that Kenya’s reputation is being tarnished by roadside  corruption, which has now progressed from bribery to extortion.

He declared unequivocally, “It (corruption) should stop.” The anti-corruption organization also urged drivers nationwide to obey all traffic laws and  ordinances and to report any instances of bribe demands to the appropriate  government department by calling the Toll-Free Line 1551.

EACC resolutely pledged to step up its prosecution of dishonest security personnel working on Kenyan roadways, underscoring their commitment to eradicating corruption in the industry.

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