Employing TSC educators, October 2023

Employing TSC educators, October 2023

Employing TSC educators, October 2023

10,000 primary school teachers will be placed by TSC by October 2023. More than 10,000 instructors will once more be sent to secondary schools,  according to the instructors Service Commission. Originally hired by TSC to teach in elementary schools, these teachers passed the  minimal standards to teach in middle schools.

TSC is required to post these vacancies in order for individuals to be employed as  college instructors.The promotion is carried out on the official website of TSC and various social media channels. TSC minimal standardsrequirements consist of:

Must work as a primary school teacher for TSC. Possess minimum Plus grades in two courses from the Kenya Second Certificate of Education, or something comparable. Obtain a C+ on the Kenyan National Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) or an equivalent. Must finish at least 8 credits in each of the two taught subjects.

The TSC Executive Director must keep an eye on how teachers conduct themselves at their new stations in order to guarantee that the CBC program is implemented quickly and smoothly.

As part of recent modifications enacted as part of the implementation of the CBC  curriculum, JSS students now study at least 9 topics. Students must choose at least one and no more than two subjects from the  following categories:

Encompasses family science, computer science, and foreign languages like  German, French, Mandarin, Arabic, KSL, and Kenyan Sign Language as well as the  artistic and performing arts.

Time is allotted for each lesson, and the program is taught in a consistent and  comprehensible manner. forty minutes.

Following is a breakdown of the courses offered in high school and university  programs:

Lessons in English 5 , Math 5  lessons, 4 lessons of Technical Preparation study Course,  4 in Kiswahili/KSL, Science integrates four subjects. 3 lessons in sociology three lessons on business research farming three lessons ,Three lessons on religious education (IRE, CRE, and HRE) 2 sessions of physical education and exercise 1 lesson on life skills education Pick one to three classes. Lessons 0option 2 and 3

45 total lessons

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