Kenya’s Position on LGBTQ Legalization

Kenya’s Position on LGBTQ Legalization

Kenya’s Position on LGBTQ Legalization

On Sunday, Kenya’s second lady, Dorcas Rigathi, boldly stated Kenya’s position on LGBTQ+ relationships. The second lady steadfastly reaffirmed her opinion that Kenya will never legalize same-sex relationships.

Pastor Dorcas mentioned African customs and beliefs that, in her observation,  forbid same-sex relationships while speaking at an orientation event for first-year students at the Maasai Mara University in Narok County. A man cannot legally wed another man in our nation. A woman cannot legally wed another woman. It’s against the law, she said.

Due to national policy, the second lady emphasized that even the Kenyan constitution prohibits same-sex unions.What is created when a man marries another man? What is created when a woman marries another woman? I believe that we must follow the divine will because only when the will of God is followed can a community and civilization flourish,” she continued.

She said that no religion in the world permits  same-sex marriages, which she identified as one  of the  primary justifications for Kenya’s  opposition to same-sex relationships. “Africa is not prepared for it; we have our own  religion  and culture. We should speak up, in my opinion, she  continued.

Pastor Dorcas’ comments came after the Supreme Court rejected Peter Kaluma, a  member of parliament from Homabay Town, in his plea to prevent LGBTQ groups  and organizations from being recognized in Kenya. The Court concluded and ruled that Article 27(4) of the Constitution’s use of the  term “sex” includes sexual orientation of any gender.

Whether heterosexual, lesbian, homosexual, intersex, or otherwise; and that the word “including” under Article 27 (4) also contains “freedom from discrimination based on a person’s sexual orientation,” according to portions of the court’s decision.Strong opposition has been shown to discussions on same-sex marriage and partnerships, particularly among Kenyan politicians.The most recent lawmaker to oppose same-sex unions is Nyali MP Mohamed Ali, who on October 6 organized anti-LGBTQ demonstrations in Nairobi.

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