Ruto Changes Police Recruitment Entry  Points

Ruto Changes Police Recruitment Entry Points

Ruto Changes Police Recruitment Entry Points

The Police Reforms Taskforce’s recommendations, which included the adoption of two entrance points as the primary criterion to join the National Police Service (NPS), have been accepted by President William Ruto.The Head of State agreed to the constable and cadet ranks as entry points into the NPS while accepting three recommendations.

On October 4, the task team, led by former Chief Justice David Maraga, which was established late last year, gave the President a presentation of its conclusions at State House in Nairobi. According to President Ruto, “this provision will attract more professionals to the police service at a time when crime is constantly evolving.”

The President also approved the request to shift the terms of pay and service for  the National Youth Service (NYS), Prisons Service, and National Police Service  (NPS) to  the security sector. At State House Nairobi, the Police Reforms Taskforce, headed by former Chief  Justice David Maraga, made a number of recommendations, one of which was for  an almost 50% pay raise for police officers.

President William Ruto entrusted the 20-member national Taskforce with creating proposals to direct reforms in the security sector on December 21, 2022.Paying security guards and posting and reassigning cops are a couple of these.To achieve this, the task committee suggested that no officer should spend more than three years at the same station.President Ruto endorsed the suggestions and said, “Going forward, it won’t be possible for an officer to be promoted if they have only worked at one station.”

But after giving the Head of State a more thorough assessment in a month, the Taskforce will give its final report.The President said, “I reassure our policemen and women of our commitment to improve the police service, including their pay and other terms of service.”President Ruto added that in light of growing criminality, security sector reforms will draw more professionals to the field.

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