Ministry of Education bans these exams in all schools

Ministry of Education bans these exams in all schools

Ministry of Education bans these exams in all schools

By implementing a prohibition on mock and joint examinations in educational institutions, the Ministry of Education, under the direction of Principal Secretary Belio Kipsang, has taken a brave move to address worries about classroom discontent. This choice seeks to address the problem at hand directly.

In order to prevent interruptions to the academic calendar, the government has issued a strict recommendation to schools advising them to forgo holding inter-school exams. The Parliamentary Committee on Education and the Special Investigation Team, whose chairs are David Koech and Claire Omollo, respectively, were extensively consulted throughout the creation of this prohibition.

The Kenya Secondary School Heads Association (KESSHA) has urged for additional measures to enforce discipline in the educational system and expressed full support for the prohibition on joint mock exams. Additionally, KESSHA has expressed concerns regarding the commercialization of mock tests by some schools, highlighting the necessity of extensive reforms.

The Ministry of Education intends to develop Continuous Assessment Tests (CATs)  as an alternative to mock exams in order to allay worries over assessment  commercialization. A fair and uniform evaluation system will be implemented as a result of this action  in all educational institutions. The government’s decision to outlaw mock and joint exams has prompted a range  of responses from the general people. It is critical to take into account how this ban would affect the educational  community in the long run. The idea to replace mock tests with CATs aims to allay worries about fairness and  commercialisation.

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