Blow to P1 Teachers

Blow to P1 Teachers

Blow to P1 Teachers

A study from the Teachers Service Commission (TSC), which employs teachers, states that beginning in 2024, a primary school teaching credential won’t be given simply on the basis of a PTE (Primary Teacher Education) certificate.

The Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) will be completely implemented by the TSC in all primary schools from Grades 1 through 6. Due to this change, primary school teachers who only hold PTE credentials are no longer qualified to teach the new curriculum.

PTE instructors are encouraged to upgrade to the most recent DPTE (Diploma in Primary Teacher Education) qualifications in order to adapt to the changes. Additionally, all diploma teachers will be classified under job category C1 rather than B5, the lowest entry level for the teaching profession.

Many early care and primary educators have already signed up for programs to enhance their credentials to the CBC Diploma. According to the taskforce’s suggestion, P1 and ECDE instructors should both receive the required training to satisfy the demands of the new curriculum.

The inaugural cohorts of trainee teachers were awarded diploma certificates by the Kenya National Examination Council (Knec) upon completion of their studies. To advance to the Diploma in Primary Teacher Education (DPTE), P1 instructors must meet specific prerequisites, including holding a current PTE Certificate, TSC registration, completion of a 1500-hour residential program, successful completion of all upgrading program courses, a 300-hour teaching practicum, and fulfilling Knec’s evaluation and course work hour requirements.

This implies that the diploma upgrade is a requirement for all P1 teachers who want  to work for TSC on a permanent basis. Teachers in P1 and ECDE are encouraged to undergo upgrading to increase their  employability.

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