Ichung’wah Warns Ruto’s Mt Kenya CSs

Ichung’wah Warns Ruto’s Mt Kenya CSs

Ichung’wah Warns Ruto’s Mt Kenya CSs

President William Ruto’s cabinet secretaries have been admonished by the leader of  the majority in the National Assembly, Kimani Ichung’wah, not to undermine the  fight against corruption. The former Athi Water CEO Michael Thuita scandal, which rocked the Water  Ministry headed by CS Alice Wahome, was cited by the Kikuyu MP during his  Tuesday speech  in Parliament as evidence that he would not support CSs who act against the  president.

In addition, he added that the fight against corruption was non-negotiable and warned the CSs not to rely on their racial origin or prior relationships with the President.”I will do everything in my power to advance CS interests when it comes to subjects that enhance public policy. However, there must be no compromising when it comes to issues involving openness. I won’t support any CS.

You were instructed to work for Kenyans rather than members of your community when you were given the responsibility. Don’t defend the police because they are your neighbors, he said. The legislator informed the CSs that they lack the authority to control how the independent offices do their business in relation to the activities of the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC).

The Statute Law (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill, 2022, which attempts to give  the EACC more authority when processing graft-related matters involving public posts, received his support. Ichung’wah issued the warning following reports that Water CS Alice Wahome had  written to the EACC to dispute a recommendation about the suspension of the  former Athi River CEO. But he said that the real meaning of the supposed letter wasn’t yet clear. Ministers and other high-ranking government employees must never think that they may write to the EACC  and request the complainant before taking any action.

Actually, EACC doesn’t require a complainant. They are free to probe anyone, including me, on their own initiative, he continued.On September 23, Thuita resigned following months of pressure from EACC in response to inquiries into financial mismanagement inside the organization.There is yet more to learn about the former CEO’s role in the drama.

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