With Ad-free subscription plan, TikTok tests the market

With Ad-free subscription plan, TikTok tests the market

With Ad-free subscription plan, TikTok tests the market

According to reports, the social media app TikTok is testing a monthly membership package without ads that will cost users Ksh740.52 ($4.99).The business is reportedly exploring the new strategy in one market outside of the US. The feature will be made available to more users if the pilot test is a success.

Up until this point, TikTok’s primary source of cash has been through advertising. Consequently, the new idea aims to broaden the social media giant’s revenue sources to match those of other platforms like Twitter that provide premium memberships.

According to reports, it is anticipated that the commercial version of TikTok will have further capabilities, such as monetization access.In its TikTok Ads Manager, TikTok is reportedly launching a new feature called Attribution Analytics.

The tool is designed to assist advertisers in evaluating the success of their platform-based advertising initiatives.The new function will provide users with improved insights into user activity on the platform, according to a PYMTS study.Informingly, TikTok has experimented with the idea of a membership for an ad-free experience before. The Chinese social media giant has already looked into methods to depart from the current paradigm that has helped it grow into one of the most popular social media platforms worldwide.

TikTok made $9.4 billion from advertisements in 2022, and by 2026, that amount is predicted to treble.Chinese business ByteDance introduced TikTok in 2014 as a short video making and sharing software named Douyin.The platform was then redesigned a year later as the business sought to design it for a global audience.In just a few years, the Chinese social media app has gone global, with over one billion users. The app has gained the trust of young people all across the world by being the go-to source for intriguing short-form entertainment.

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