At Eregi Girls High School over 50 students hospitalized

At Eregi Girls High School, over 50 students hospitalized

At Eregi Girls High School, over 50 students hospitalized

Girls and medical professionals are baffled by the hospitalization of more than fifty girls from Kakamega’s St. Theresa Eregi Girls High School on Monday due to an unidentified sickness. The source of the sickness is yet unknown, this circumstance has obviously caused anxiety among parents and members of the school community.

The students are being treated in several hospitals in Kakamega County.Thirty students are admitted to Kakamega Level Five Hospitals, twenty to Shibwe Level Four Hospital, and twelve to Iguhu Level Four Hospital, according to sources with knowledge of the situation.The majority of the children are unable to walk because of a condition that has paralyzed their legs, according to the students. The number of students affected is likely to rise with more students reported being rushed to the hospital.

The hospital authorities have refrained from providing detailed information or comments about the cases, citing the need for further testing and investigations to determine the underlying cause of the condition.

The school and local health authorities are actively monitoring the situation to guarantee the safety and wellbeing of the afflicted pupils while medical specialists diligently seek to understand the cause of this illness and develop appropriate treatment plans.

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