Ruto orders Kenyans residing in the Mau Forest to leave

Ruto orders Kenyans residing in the Mau Forest to leave

Ruto orders Kenyans residing in the Mau Forest to leave

The immediate evacuation of those residing in the Mau Forest was declared by President William Ruto on Saturday. The President declared that the government would not enter into negotiations with encroachments while speaking at Titate Ole Sankei’s funeral in Olopirik Village, Narok County.

The Head of State stated that the government will use all available means to  safeguard the nation’s water towers, notably those in the Mau Forest. Ruto detailed the measures the government will take to safeguard water towers,  saying Kenya had already obtained funding to fence every tower.

Mau Forest is the most significant of Kenya’s 10 water towers, according to Ruto. According to Ruto, this will discourage additional Kenyans from intruding on forests  and protect water catchment regions.

Mau, you should go out of the jungle right away because we are erecting a fence. The President emphasized that it is not a request. The enormous 675,000-acre Mau Forest in the Rift Valley is the greatest water catchment basin in East Africa. Under the administration of former President Mwai Kibaki, the expulsion of squatters from the water catchment area started in 2005 when the government declared all title deeds in the Mau region void.The Kenya Forest Service (KFS) oversees the management of the Mau Forest.

As a result of strong opposition from locals and lawmakers, the government decided to abandon Kibaki’s order to evict encroachers from Mau Forest. As a result of this change, several encroachers returned.President William Ruto has now pledged to carry out what his forerunners were unable to.

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