Governors Pressure TSC

Governors Pressure TSC

Governors Pressure TSC

The Council of Governors (CoG) is working on a petition to ask the Teachers Service  Commission (TSC) to change the current policy so that teachers might be assigned  to their preferred working stations in their home counties rather than the needs of  the nation. The county’s governor, Fernandes Barasa, referred to the situation as an urgent one  while speaking at the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) Annual General  Meeting (AGM) Kakamega Branch on Saturday. He expressed sympathy for the  plight of the 47,000 teachers who are currently trapped.

The Governor outlined his collaboration with the Council of Governors education  committee in order to present a memo to TSC outlining the issues. “We have teachers serving in other counties, and this is a matter we will bring up  with our education committee so that all those teachers who are delocalized  should return to their home counties,” he said.

“So that we can interact with our teachers here,  we  are pushing for teachers to go  back to their  homes. I pledge that I will exert pressure on my  committee  on education to send the memo  to TSC in response to this petition. To the dismay of teachers and lawmakers who  claimed it was ineffective, the  commission implemented the delocalization  strategy  in 2017.

Since then, at least 14,000 teachers have been compelled to leave their home counties.However, the policy was stopped in November 2022 as a result of lobbying from MPs who demanded a reversal that would be finished by January 31, 2023. Since then, about 47,000 educators have requested to be moved to their home counties.TSC maintained during the implementation of the policy that it would aid in addressing the teacher shortage in specific regions, such as Northern Kenya and conflict-prone areas.Transfers are dependent on open positions and a teacher’s desire to fill them, the commission added.

However, the teachers pointed out that the approach is harmful, highlighting how  many families break up when breadwinners are posted to distant locations. A KNUT representative was present to reassure teachers who were members of the  union that the union is collaborating with TSC to ensure teachers receive salary  increases.

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