Student Sustains Injuries After Alleged Assault By Principal

Student Sustains Injuries After Alleged Assault By Principal

Student Sustains Injuries After Alleged Assault By Principal

Police in Kericho’s Londiani sub-county are looking into an incident in which a Form Four student allegedly suffered injuries to her face and neck after being beaten by the school principal.The pupil from Londiani’s Sacred Hill Girls’ Secondary School was purportedly disciplined for a Monday altercation with a classmate.She was treated and released on Tuesday from a private hospital in Nakuru, according to a medical report. She also had bruises on her face and had head and neck injuries.

Her mother sent her back to school when she was released from the hospital and enquired as to why her daughter had been disciplined and suspended.She asserts, however, that the administration of the school called the police on her because she was causing a disturbance on the school grounds.The Londiani sub-county police took her and her daughter into custody and kept them for a short time.

According to OCPD Gloria Kunga, “We were able to dispatch police officers and they found the woman was shouting all over. For us to save the situation, the woman and the daughter and the principal were brought to the station.”

Evans Ogamba, the sub-county director of education, acknowledged that the school made a mistake by sending the student home without telling the parents, but he denied that the student had received any unfavorable consequence.The student allegedly suffered injuries after fighting with a classmate.

Mr. Ogamba responded, “I have asked the Principal if the girl was punished, and she replied that the student was not beaten…but we are investigating that and action will be taken.”The girl’s mother has demanded justice for her daughter and has subsequently given a statement to the police.The mom requests that the issue be expedited so that her daughter has enough of time to study before the start of the Kenya Certificate for Secondary Education (KCSE), which is just a few weeks away.

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