Police Raid Estate & Shut Down Religious Cult

Police Raid Estate & Shut Down Religious Cult

Police Raid Estate & Shut Down Religious Cult

Following a warning regarding a potential religious cult, a multi-agency team made up of law enforcement officers from multiple units conducted a raid in Githunguri, Kiambu County, on Saturday. The operation, which was overseen by David Juma, Deputy County Commissioner for Githunguri, ended with the closing of the Miriga Kenga group’s main office.

The police chief said that after a member of the cult allegedly killed his own mother and committed suicide, locals informed the authorities about the group’s activities. According to Deputy County Commissioner Juma, the raid was carried out to acquire information about the group’s activities because it had been passing itself off as a local community’s cultural religious organization.

The Miriga Kenga gang has been enlisting members under the pretense of instructing Agikuyu traditions while posing as a member of the Kikuyu Council of Elders, the police chief explained. Juma responded by directing the group’s office to close right away in order to lower the mounting tension in the neighborhood.

Further casting doubt on the group’s actions and veracity was the revelation that they had been using an expired license.”We discovered that the facility had to be shut down because the license ran out in 2020. There won’t be a meeting in this place until this issue is resolved.The permit needs to be renewed. Any meeting held here at this time will be prohibited, he declared.Elders from the Kikuyu tribe have since warned the community against the group’s actions, which the police have labeled as outdated.

Ndung’u Gaithuma, the national leader of the Kikuyu elders, responded to the situation by distancing himself from the cult’s actions.”They conduct old age such as FGM and carry out their business in secrecy. As a neighborhood, we oppose that. From six in the morning to six in the evening, we work on everything for us, said the Association’s Secretary General Patrick Muiru.

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