TSC Requested to Review the Promotion Guidelines

TSC Requested to Review the Promotion Guidelines

TSC Requested to Review the Promotion Guidelines

George O. Nyangwe, the chairperson of the Kisumu chapter of the Kenya Secondary School Heads Association (KESSHA), along with other Kisumu County school heads, have submitted substantial recommendations targeted at removing barriers from the way of teachers’ career advancement.These suggestions were made during a meeting with Dr. Jamleck Muturi, chair of the Teachers Service Commission (TSC), at St. Teresa Girls Secondary School in Kisumu.

Among the key recommendations are:

1. Abolishing Scales C4 and C5 and introducing Scale 16 (D6) to allow teachers to move from C3 to D1.

2. Allowing teachers at D1 to be considered for administrative positions such as Senior Master, Deputy Principal, or Principal.

3. Promoting teachers without necessarily taking up administrative roles.

4. Allowing classroom teachers to advance from C1 to D6 without requiring them to assume administrative positions.

5. Restructuring the promotion of principals from D4, D5, and proposed D6 to be linked to the category of school where they are posted.

6. Introducing a Scale for post-graduate teachers to motivate them to pursue further education.

7. Ensuring that teachers serving in an acting role receive the pay and benefits associated with the job.

8. Accepting interns without further interviewing them for permanent, pensionable employment.

9. Prioritizing the hiring of intern teachers from Junior Secondary Schools (JSS) for permanent positions at both JSS and Senior Secondary Schools.

10. Speeding up the disciplinary procedures and making sure that, barring extreme circumstances, cases don’t last longer than six months.

11. Giving instructors who were fired from their jobs due to drunkenness one more chance.

12. Addressing issues related to transfers disappearing from the TSC online portal.

13. Calling on AON Minet to enhance its offerings in order to speed up approvals.

These suggestions are intended to solve a number of issues related to service delivery, administrative appointments, disciplinary actions, and teachers’ career advancement in the Kisumu County educational system.

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