An ex-MCA with three wives regrets his lavish spending

An ex-MCA with three wives regrets his lavish spending

An ex-MCA with three wives regrets his lavish spending

Joshua Ong’oma, a former Migori MCA, has described how he wasted Ksh5 million in the months before the 2022 General Election.In a media interview, Ong’oma recounted using the funds to build homes for each of his three wives, which cost Ksh2.5 million, as well as splurging lavishly when traveling abroad.

He claimed that he had to uphold his reputation as a County Assembly Member and did not want to harm the citizens of Migori’s perception of him.”After obtaining Ksh5 million, I started considering how I would use the money. Since I was an MCA, I was curious as to what others would think if they came to my home and discovered a shoddy building. I couldn’t decide whether to buy a house or build one, so. I finally made the decision to construct a home,” he stated.

He made the decision to build his first wife a residence for Ksh1 million. But once the calculations were made, the house’s value rose to Ksh2 million.Because it would not be fair to leave my second wife out, I decided to construct her a home as well. I spent Ksh800,000.

He built a mansion for his third wife to match what he had done for his first two, spending more over Ksh2.5 million on all three.He also made the decision to purchase an automobile, a Toyota Wish model, to enhance his image. Along with other things, he would buy clothing and furnish the three houses.

I convinced myself that because the sum (Ksh300,000) was small, I could pay it easily. I felt overwhelmed with debt repayment after paying a portion of it, and as elections drew near, I realized that my car was in danger because I had given them the log book. I ultimately lost the automobile,” he said.

Despite this, he was sure he could get the money back if he won his seat back in the 2022 election. However, Simon Nyaoke of the Orange Democratic Movement defeated him to win the seat.

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