Beginning the following month, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) will commence a training program for tutors in junior secondary schools.Competency-based curriculum (CBC) and competency-based assessment (CBA) training will be provided for teachers.The Commission has listed the following teachers: language, science, mathematics, humanities, and technical courses

Regarding instruction in a letter dated September 26 and addressed to the regional  and county directors of the TSC. Teacher Training Colleges (TTCs) and other specified county locations are where  educators will obtain training. The teacher training will begin on October 9 and go through October 13, 2023. There will be an early start to the Master Trainer and Trainer of Trainers (TOT)  training.

A training session for Master Trainers from various organizations will be held at the Kenya Institute of Special Education on October 2.2023 TSC CBC training TSC, KICD, KNEC, KEMI, CEMASTEA, MOE, KISE, and TTCs will serve as the instructors.After that, Master Trainers will train the TOTs (both SNE and normal).On October 6 and 7, TOT training will start in Teacher Training Colleges and other carefully chosen county venues.

Employees in Curriculum Support (CSOs),Educators of teachers (tutors),Sub County Directors for TSC, and Employees of the Ministry of Education’s quality control division are another example of TOTs.All participants will receive face-to-face instruction.2023 TSC CBC training Following the posting of 18,000 intern teachers to junior secondary schools by TSC in late August and early September, the instructors are now receiving training.Additionally, the teaching comes as students in Grade 7 get ready to start their national writing assessment in October.

Grade 7 subjects with written exams

Compulsory and optional subjects with written exams for Grade 7 learners.The tests will run from 2nd October to 26th October 2023.

1. Mathematics

2. English

3. Kiswahili

4. Agriculture

5. Social Studies

6. Visual Arts

7. Performing Arts


9. Science and Technology

10. Kenyan Sign Language

11. Integrated Science

12. Computer Studies

13. Business Studies

14. Life Skills Education

15. Pre-Technical and Pre-Career Education

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