Ksh40 coin of former president Mwai Kibaki is being sold on eBay

Ksh40 coin of former president Mwai Kibaki is being sold on eBay

Ksh40 coin of former president Mwai Kibaki is being sold on eBay

On e-commerce platforms, the KM33 2003 engraved Ksh40 coin from former president  Mwai Kibaki is selling for much to Ksh3,000 ($20). Unknown persons that exclusively run their enterprises on e-commerce sites like Ebay are responsible for listing Kenyan Shilling coins.

Former President Mwai Kibaki’s engraved Ksh40 coin may be purchased on Ebay for as little as Ksh1,500 ($10).”Chosen at random, coins. Conditions and years might range from satisfactory to exceptional. The coin will not look exactly like the photo, according to the Ebay product description.

The website states that potential buyers can make their payments through a variety of online payment methods, including PayPal, Visa credit cards, G-Pay, Master Cards, and Discover.The currency has a brass ring around a copper-nickel center, making it a bimetallic coin. The reverse of the coin includes the Kenyan coat of arms and the coin’s denomination, while the coin’s head depicts Retired President Kibaki.

The Central Bank of Kenya released the Mwai Kibaki-engraved Ksh40 coin in 2003 to mark the 40th anniversary of Kenya’s independence. It is a well-liked coin among collectors, and because to the range of grades from good to very fine on Ebay, its value is anticipated to rise over time.”Take crisp, detailed pictures of the coins. This will enable customers to assess the coins’ quality and decide whether they wish to place a bid, according to the website.Ebay cautions that the image is just being used for advertising purposes. The coin may contain oxidation damage, scratches, or other blemishes, the e-commerce stated.

The Ksh40 coin’s composition includes a Copper-Nickel Center in a Nickel Brass Ring that is 27.5 mm in diameter and 11 grams in weight.”The Ksh40 coin with the Mwai Kibaki inscription is a rare and priceless item of Kenyan history. The product description continues, “It is an appropriate tribute to one of the nation’s most revered presidents.

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