First Nuclear Power Plant to Be Built in Kenya by 2027

First Nuclear Power Plant to Be Built in Kenya by 2027

First Nuclear Power Plant to Be Built in Kenya by 2027

The first power plant to ever be built in Kenya is anticipated to start up in 2027. Justus Wabuyabo, the acting CEO of the Nuclear Power and Energy Agency (NuPEA), stated in an interview that they are aiming to build the plant in either Kwale or Kilifi.

Wabuyabo confirmed that they have actually begun floating tenders for the construction of the plant.Wabuyabo told the Business Daily that the bidding stage will take place between 2026 and 2027, and building would begin in 2027.

He continued by saying that the plant would be operational between 2034 and 2035 because construction would take about six to seven years.He said, “We are currently concentrating on Kilifi and Kwale as our preferred sites.

They have largely met the requirements, but before we choose the final site, we must conduct a thorough scientific study as recommended by the IAEA, such as seismic tests.”In essence, nuclear power facilities are built close to bodies of water since water is utilized as a coolant and moderator.Plans to build the power station have been in the works since 2009, despite the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) approving the nation to begin setting up the project in 2021.

The goal was to develop a plant that could produce 1000 Mega Watts, with the project’s total cost estimated to be between Ksh500 billion and Ksh600 billion.According to Wabuyabo, Kenya’s anticipated energy deficit will be filled with the nuclear energy produced.Additionally, the power plant’s construction is consistent with the nation’s objective to switch to greener electricity fuels.

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