15-year-old student commits suicide due to prefect bullying

15-year-old student commits suicide due to prefect bullying

15-year-old student commits suicide due to prefect bullying

Bande Girls Secondary School in Migori County is surrounded by a palpable sense of  loss. The tragic death of a Form Three pupil who committed suicide on a dreary Sunday is  the root of this grief.

Quickly after learning about this tragic incident involving a student from Bande Girls Secondary School in Migori County, local authorities launched an investigation. The regional leader, Winnie Malemba, reaffirmed this information.

The 15-year-old girl had gone to church with her classmates on the school grounds that fateful day, the police report states. She immediately left the ceremony though, and her body was later found inside a classroom.

The young student, it is further revealed in the report, left behind a touching message that illuminates the terrible cause of her desperate act: she had been subjected to unrelenting abuse at the hands of one of the school’s prefects.

In response to this unfortunate incident, the authorities moved the student’s body to the mortuary at the level four hospital in Migori. In this location, an autopsy will be performed as a part of the ongoing inquiry to determine the full extent of the events behind her untimely death.

This incredibly heartbreaking occurrence happened just a week after another terrifying suicide that happened in the same county. At Sare Primary School, a fourth-grader committed suicide in a classroom in that tragic incident. This tragedy rocked the neighborhood and brought attention to the urgent need for improved mental health support services and student awareness.

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