MCA Aspirant Invited to Fundraiser After Getting Zero Votes

MCA Aspirant Invited to Fundraiser After Getting Zero Votes

MCA Aspirant Invited to Fundraiser After Getting Zero Votes

Former Member of County Assembly (MCA) candidate Brian Mutiga voiced his disbelief on Saturday after receiving an invitation to a fundraiser from his supporters who did not support him in the most recent general election.Mutiga ran unsuccessfully for the position of Kianjai Ward Representative in Meru County in the general election of 2022.

Despite supporting President William Ruto, who was the region’s favorite choice for the country’s top post, he garnered no votes at several of the voting places.The lawmaker claimed in a statement that “there is this polling place where I received zero votes and they are inviting me for a fundraiser as a chief guest.”

“Considering that nobody felt it was appropriate to vote for me, I am having conflicted feelings about this invitation,” the respondent said.The politician questioned why no one felt it necessary to elect him despite there being 500 registered voters in the region.

Nonetheless, his followers advised him to attend anyway, as a way to demonstrate leadership. Many opined that the invitation was an indication of locals reaching out to him because the incumbent is not delivering.As such, he was advised to use the opportunity to campaign for the 2027 general election. He was further advised to attend since whether he attended or not, the event would proceed anyway and the targets met.“I will be going, to also have a deep conversation with them,” he finally decided, adding that he would ask his constituents hard questions on why they did not vote for him.

After losing elections, former Kipipiri Member of Parliament Amos Kimunya had an almost same scenario occur in Nyandarua County in 2013.Kimunya claimed in the letter that despite all of his favors, the electorate had failed to recognize them.

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